Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care Program

Heritage House has developed a program to help you reduce the disability that is attached to heart disease. Now that you are on the road to recovery, it is important that you become personally involved in identifying the risk factors that you can control, so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. Risk factors can be identified as activities or conditions that may put you at further risk of heart disease. When these factors are modified, you can reduce your chances for further cardiovascular events such as a heart attack.

The "Healthy Heart" booklet will help you design your own personal roadmap to assist you with making alternative choices towards healthier living. The topics covered will also be a part of the health-teaching program and services offered at Heritage House. You can add your own personal information along the way, as discovered through the self-evaluation tools provided. Your health provider team at Heritage House and your doctor, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and nutritionist will assist you with your risk indicators, so that you can become more aware of your own health needs and requirements.

Your "Heart Healthy" journey is divided in six phases as follows:

  1. Understanding Your Risk Factors
  2. Lifestyle Changes
  3. Cardiac Exercises
  4. Eating Healthy
  5. Medication Management
  6. Community Resources