Ortho Care

Orthopedic Respite Accommodation

Our warm and beautifully appointed lounge on the 3rd floor will provide you with an opportunity to fully recover with additional support after discharge from the Trillium Health Centre.

Heritage House's inclusive daily rate completely covers an Orthopedic Continuum Care Model of Accommodation and Care Services.

Daily Housekeeping and Weekly Laundry Service

Fine Dining

A Full Range of Activities and Planned Events

Located only 1 block north of the Trillium Health Centre Mississauga site, Heritage House offers all the comforts of home in an orthopedic structured environment.

Daily Rates - Orthopedic Respite Accommodation Rate

- Basic Package $129.00 per day plus HST

Personal Care on a Fee for Service Basis

This care is provided by qualified Personal Care Workers and is available to those who require extra assistance with activities during respite accommodation and short stay.

Physiotherapy Program

At Heritage House we've decided to take a more innovative approach towards physiotherapy by offering residents a variety of programs to suit all of our residents needs.

We believe that through a compassionate, goal orientated rehabilitation program we can continue to work towards improving the quality of life of our residents. Programs will allow residents to achieve their optimum level of "wellness" with all aspects of Activity of Daily Living.

Each resident is individually assessed and grouped according to mobility and functional level and appropriately placed into one or more of the programs listed below.

Strengthening And Balance Program (Fall Prevention)

This program is for residents that can ambulate independently with or without an assistive device. The residents are given the opportunity to attend a high level strengthening and balance program which will be tremendous therapeutic value. This program will promote and enhance strength, balance mobility and independence. The program will be conducted by registered physiotherapist. There will be measurable goals and objectives developed for each resident on the program.

Arthritic Hand Class

This program is for residents that have arthritis and decrease mobility due to pain, stiffness and swelling in joints. The emphasis will be to promote and strengthen of the required muscles as well as range of motion. This service is provided by the physiotherapist, three times a week. This program is to assist residents and offer education, pain relief, ROM and strengthening to increase hand mobility and promote independence. A wax bath is utilized prior to exercise being performed, to promote good circulation and increase general mobility in the hands.

Pain Relief Program

This program is for residents who have pain as a result of poor posture or as a result of a fall. The goal will be to provide pain relief using modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound, TENS and FES. Exercise will be used to regain range of motion, as well as to promote mobility and independence.